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For our men clients who want natural looking eyebrows we recommend the hair strokes simulation. This technique consists of implanting colour in a little one by one hair stroke line between your existing eyebrows to give a fuller and best designed eyebrow shape. Having the procedure done by one of our professionals will give you assured confidence that, nobody will be able to identify that you have had permanent makeup applied. It is up to you how you want your new look to be, we can do a gradual effect over a few sessions or we can do your eyebrows completely.

Since 75% of our procedures are eyebrows, we have come to know the latest and most desired design eyebrows in today's cosmetic market. For our Men clients we have done a lot research on eyebrows for men, therefore we are skilled in designing the right style, shape and the best contouring so the eyebrow looks so natural people would not know you had done anything unless they had a magnifier to notice.

Sure there are other types of products on the market and with most they guarantee results and no complications. Well we've seen those other so called solutions to eyebrow loss. You can purchase the powders which are supposed to volumize your brows. Then there is stencils with both you still have to try to get them to match your own colour of your eyebrows and be sure to do the same style everyday. But will you feel confident with painted on powders and stencils plus applied sealers. Will they stay on if your eyebrows get wet? And think of the time involved every morning having to get up and paint on the desired shape/effect. More importantly, the continued cost having to replenish your supply.

Then there is the theatrical approach eyebrow wigs. Yes, that's right Wigs; you can order/purchase eyebrows to go in a kit. At this point you hope the colour you have chosen will be a good match. Now you have the indenting task of mapping out the desired style and thickness. Once completed, it's time for the adhesive glue can you imagine yourself going through this every day for the rest of your life! And again well you feel confident they will not fall off. With our procedure you're in our clinic once and one month later for your touch up and that is it. You're out the door and ready to go anywhere feeling confident and very assured that nothing will happen to your new brows.
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